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Opportunities for giving to the League

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Tara S. of Fort Pierce, FL wrote:

“I'm ordering these Gospels to give testimony to the poor and homeless, to hand out and pray with people that will acept and neeed prayer. I have no job and no money right now and this is so important to me. I am a grateful recovering addict, and like to reach out to anybody else that needs help, so the faster you could get just these few out to me the bettter!!!! Thank you, with lots of love and prayers.”

Please help Tara and thousands of others like her respond to their calling. Simply equip them to share their faith with the lost through a sponsorship donation. In return, you'll receive stories like Tara's to encourage you!

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Want to to expand the Kingdom of God? Do you have a desire to empower Christians to share their faith in Christ? There are many ways you can be involved in this exciting, highly effective kingdom-building ministry:

Gospel sponsorship
This Book is Alive initiative
Gospel cover development program
City Lights program

Gospel Sponsorship

We want to help anyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, actively share their faith using the Word of God.

Sponsors give so that members who don't have financial means are able to share the Word of God with the lost. You receive stories from those you sponsor.

Many members are unable to donate when they order due to financial hardship, disability, fixed incomes, status as a full-time student and other reasons. These people represent some of our most active members. Together with your help, they represent millions of one-to-one presentations of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How does it work?

  • You give any amount to support those who can't cover the cost of their resources. It typically works out to about $20 for every 30 Gospel presentations.
  • Members who ask to be sponsored must share a story about how they plan to use these Gospels, or a story about a Gospel-sharing event. Their orders wait until a sponsor is found.
  • Sponsors receive E-mails showing a list of who they sponsored (first name, last initial and city), along with stories that were shared.
  • Members are blessed and encouraged by knowing that others are actively helping them to share the Gospel. To protect the privacy of our donors, members do not know who sponsored them.

Make a sponsorship donation now!

This Book is Alive

This effort focuses on building a spiritual team of one million Christians who commit to Read, Carry and Share the Word of God over a four year period. As a result of these believers reading their Bible and focused on sharing their faith, we will give 50 million Gospel presentations to the lost across the nation.

To support this growth process, we need donors who:

  • Make a covenant to pray with us about this need
  • Over the course of the next four years, make a yearly pledge to fund the printing and distribution of Gospels
  • Provide a donation that can be used for "matched gifts" programs to stimulate others to generous stewardship for the Kingdom
  • Help us raise a total of $3.5 million toward this goal
  • Communicate this need to other like-minded individuals at donor development events each year.

Learn more about the program

View a video about this vision

Gospel Cover Development Program

Members are inspired by the variety of covers we offer. Having fresh cover designs keeps members thinking about sharing their faith, brings them back to the web site to see what's new, and motivates them to try new approaches and reach out in exciting new sharing situations they hadn't tried in the past.

We need individuals and ministries who:

  • Make a covenant to pray with us about this need
  • Fund a special Gospel cover that our members can use to share their faith. Covers may be co-branded with another ministry or church. Our key new cover needs at this time include a large-print Gospel, a cover for inner-city sharing situations, a cover for sharing with construction trade workers, two Halloween-oriented initiatives, and a bilingual Gospel in Arabic.
  • Give a gift of $15,000 which funds an initial run of 20,000 Gospels and covers all production, printing and administrative costs (bilingual Gospels require an investment of $30,000 due to double the number of pages, translation costs and other related factors. The large print Gospel uses twice the normal number of pages and requires an investment of $30,000).
  • Our goal is to raise $150,000 to distribute 200,000 of these new covers.

Click here to download our Gospel cover co-branding guide (1MB PDF file)

“City Lights” Program

Over the course of the next year, we plan to impact multiple cities by partnering with ministry organizations in an effort to unify city churches with the goal of providing for 50,000 One-to-one Gospel presentations over a 6-month period of time. The goal is to reach 15 cities in the next 3 years.

How does it work?

  • Approximately 25 Churches of 100+ Members, all hosting a PTL presentation at the same time in the same city.
  • Challenge each person to give out multiple Gospels in 2 weeks.
  • Sign up that day, 60% of the people in each congregation. That represents 10,500 Presentations of the Gospel in 2 weeks!
  • 3 Weeks later, each new member receives more Gospels. That’s potentially 15,000 more presentations!
  • Typically, 20% of members will re-order 2 to 3 times asking (on average) for 30 more Gospels to distribute. That is approximately 24,500 more presentations and it could be higher.

To discuss special giving opportunities, please use our convenient web feedback form or contact