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League Members know a thing or two (or 92) about sharing

92 Ways to Share your faith

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There are an unlimited number of ways to share God's Word with the lost. Here are 92 ideas for sharing that we've pulled out of letters and stories our members have told us about:

1  One young lady sets up a table on Venice Beach each week amidst the many tarot card readers, psychics, other promoters of false beliefs, offering the Gospel of John instead -- a source of true, lasting hope. She only gives these to people she has a conversation with.

2  One man works in a very large shipyard and hands them out there. He finds many opportunities with the crews that come there from all over the world.

3  We have many students, both in high school and college, who introduce their Christian clubs to The Pocket Testament League and the ministry of giving out God's Word. What a great way to multiply your efforts!

4  One young lady always has some in her backpack and finds God opens countless doors for her because she is ready.

5  One student is giving each member of their Christian club one Gospel to study this year as a lesson and three to hand out.

6  A couple with a hearing aid business has two offices and makes them available in both waiting rooms.

7   A high school group set up a table in New Orleans by Jackson Square with a sign that asked "Need Prayer?" This was in the midst of many artists, psychics, fortune tellers, etc. Many people stopped to pour out their hearts.

8  A Sales Rep for a medical company gives them out to his clients. He has given out over 50 and no one has refused to take one!

9  We have many people who use them in jail ministries. Some jails and prisons will allow the inmates to become members of The League, order Gospels and share them with others!

10   A lady owns a women's fitness center with over 400 members and gives them out there. Because of this, two Bible studies have sprung up!

11  Garage sales are great places to give out Gospels. Set up a display and put up a sign that says "Free -- Take One". Don't forget to give one to everyone who buys something too!

12  Give one to a parking lot attendant next time you park your car in a lot. They usually have time and nothing to read.

13  One lady who has been diagnosed with cancer plans on giving one to every health care provider she comes in contact with.

14  Many small business owners put them up where customers can take one.

15  An Emergency Room nurse has countless opportunities to share them with people who are hurting and in need -- both patients and their families.

16  A church that is located across from a night club in New Haven, CT opens their church between 10:30 pm and 2 am once a month on Fridays. They talk with people leaving the night club and give those who are interested Gospels of John. They also do this on New Year's Eve!

17  A subdivision that is known for their great Christmas decorations gives them out to each car that enters to look at all the decorated homes at Christmas.

18  A house call veterinarian who is on the road a lot has many opportunities to share them with the patient's owners.

19  Two friends dressed up as angels on Halloween and gave out 250 going house to house. What a great trick on Satan!

20  One person who cleans cabins during the summer leaves a Gospel on each bed before someone arrives.

21  A General Contractor sends them to all his customers at Christmas time in his Christmas cards.

22  We have a number of Christian Motorcycle Clubs that use Gospels when they give out toys or food.

23  A business that sells collectible glassware over the internet includes a Gospel in each package they ship. These go all over the world.

24  A youth group goes to the local mall with a video camera. They ask people if they can ask them three questions and video them for a church project. The questions are:

  • 1  Do you think the phrase "Under God" should be removed from our pledge of allegiance?
  • 2  Do you believe that God created this world and all life that is in it? And
  • 3  In your personal opinion, what do you understand it takes for a person to go to heaven?

They give each person that does this a Gospel and some candy.

25  An appraiser of homes leaves a Gospel in every home he appraises.

26  A man who works with truck drivers from all over the nation gives each one a Gospel when they drop something off.

27  A police officer shares Gospels with fellow officers, offenders and victims. He uses a lot of Spanish Gospels as well as English.

28  One college Christian group has a table in their quad to answer questions. They offer the Gospels there to whoever would like one.

29  One church has a great choir. As they perform at various functions they share the Gospel and offer free Gospels of John to those who would like one.

30  A couple sent all their friends a birth announcement of their new son and included a copy of the Gospel of John.

31  One man provided everyone who attended his uncle's funeral a Gospel of John. He had given his uncle one before he died and he had accepted Christ from reading it.

32  A city bus driver gives them to passengers who ride his bus that he speaks to and who are interested.

33  Go out Christmas caroling with your youth group and hand out candy canes and a Gospel.

34  A group of Christian singers hands Gospels out as they sign in nursing homes, Christian coffee houses and other gatherings.

35  A ministry called Apartment Life that places Christian couples in large apartment complexes so that they can reach out for Christ through social activities also uses these Gospels. They have seen much fruit in their ministry.

36  A sales representative for Avon puts a Gospel in every new customer order she delivers.

37  One lady was in a car accident which was minor but really shook up the young lady who caused the accident. The lady who was hit gave her a Gospel as a gift which really surprised and ministered to the person who caused the accident.

38  One lady homeschools her son and part of his bible class is to go to nursing homes, retirement villages and day care to visit with the patients. As he meets with them, he often gives them a Gospel of John.

39  One lady who teaches Sunday school told us how interested the youth were in a story about how Helen Cadbury started The Pocket Testament League. She brought each student some Cadbury chocolate (although Helen's dad sold the chocolate company years ago). She also brought a large bible to show what Helen used to carry vs. what they can carry today.

40  Many people give them to bank tellers. You need to be careful as often times they will think it's a robbery note until they realize what it is.

41  A man who finds and refurbishes children's bicycles donates the bicycles along with a Gospel to various children.

42  A man who delivers first aid items always takes a few Gospels to share.

43  An insurance agent puts them in his front office so that customers can take them if they are interested.

44  One gentleman went with his friend to a probation appointment. There were other men in there who were also waiting, many of which were lost and broken. As he pulled out his Gospel to read while he waited for his friend, a couple of the other men asked if he had an extra copy they could read.

45  People you see at gas stations that are filling their cars at the same time you are.

46  There are many people that care for the homeless who use these Gospels in sharing Christ.

47  Are you ever afraid to give it to older people? A man in Corpus Christi, Texas, gave it to an 80 year old who asked him how he could receive Jesus and go to heaven.

48  Another man locked his keys in his truck and he gave a Gospel to the locksmith who opened his door.

49  A man who worked at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino with over 5,000 employees was able to share his first 50 in just 2 days.

50  One young man has made it a goal to give out 30 a month at his junior college.

51  One gentleman told us that his brother had recently passed away. He took a number of the Gospels to the church where they had the funeral. The pastor invited people to take one and none were left when the service was finished. A friend of the brother who died read the Gospel and accepted Christ.

52  A gentleman who owns a rental car business makes sure there is one in every glove box before a car is rented.

53  One mom gives them out at her daughter's pee wee basketball games.

54  A semi-retired pastor who administers funerals for people who don't have a minister, gives the Gospels out at all the funerals. He often uses John 11 during the service telling people how Jesus wept when he saw the grief of the family and friends of Lazarus who died.

55  A karate instructor uses them in his school and at tournaments as an outreach ministry and gift to unsaved children and adults. In the past few years, they have seen 16 people who have accepted Christ.

56  One young man goes through Jack in the Box, Taco Bell or one of the other fast food drive through windows. When he gets to the window, he asks the person at the counter if someone behind him has purchased $5.00 worth of food or less. If yes, he pays for their food and gives the person at the counter two Gospels -- one for the person whose food he has purchased and one for the counter-person. He has written his name and phone number on the inside cover. 80% of the people call to thank him and this gives him an opportunity to share with them and invite them to church.

57  One 94 year old lady who can't leave her home mails these with her monthly payments

58  Carrying them with you when you play golf is excellent. If you play with new people, there is always a time to ask questions that will lead to giving someone a Gospel. The idea is to sign up and see who the golf starter (and God  put you with that day. There are no accidents -- only divine appointments.

59  If someone rides in airplanes regularly, that is a great place to offer someone a Gospel. Especially if they are not reading something. Remember, you may give it to a strong Christian and they can sign up as a Member of The League and order Gospels and use them in sharing with people you will never meet. That's evangelistic leverage!

60  Buy a small stand at Staples (called "Disc or Literature Holder, 4.375" W x 3.25" D x 3.875"H). They hold about 7-8 Gospels. Put them in your office or place of work (make sure your boss will let you if you're not the boss!). People will take them while they wait. Those that don't want them will return them, but many will be taken. Put a sign on them that says "FREE". Great for any kind of office or store!

61  Waitresses are also good as long as you have had a conversation with them. Don't just "drop" them on people. Build a bond, even though it may be small, and then give it to someone.

62  Some folks give it to friends when having a discussion about eternal things. They tell people, "Here is a book that has meant a lot to me. I'd like to give it to you and hope you read it. I'd love to discuss it with you when you're finished. How long do you think it will take you to read this little book?"

63  In 1999 Jerry, a 76 year old man, made it a goal to hand out 2000 Gospels in the year 2000. He gave them only to people he knew -- the people at the grocer, the dry cleaner, his doctors, dentists, auto mechanics, golf buddies, and so forth. He never stood on a corner and gave them to people he didn't know. He gave all 2000 out within five months. When asked, he said the person it changed the most was himself. He saw what God did through him.

64  Many take them out in their neighborhood and give them along with an invitation to a special event at church to some of their neighbors -- the ones they know.

65  Many take them into convalescent homes and sit and share them with people who are living there. These folks are hungry for people to talk with and appreciate the discussion and people reading the Gospel to them.

66  The Gospels act as a reminder. If we are praying each day that God will set up appointments for us to share our faith and give someone a Gospel, He will do just that. As I put the Gospels in my pocket each morning, they act as a reminder to be on the lookout for the opportunity God will provide!

67  Wherever I am, if a stranger smiles at me or says hello, I say "Excuse me, I am supposed to give one of these to any one who smiles or says hello!". They always take the Gospels and keep smiling!

68  A lady I recently met at a presentation sells Mary Kay cosmetics. She has 800 customers and her goal is to send each one a Gospel with a personal note in the next twelve months!

69  One lady in Los Angeles makes simple gifts for people in her neighborhood as well as those who own local businesses. She includes a Gospel of John with the gift as she passes these gifts out at various holidays such as Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Ground Hog Day (no kidding!  etc.

70  A Christian school sent the Gospels home with students and gave a month long reading assignment that the parents had to help the students with from the Gospels of John! Many of these parents may not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

71  Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other professionals put them in their lobby waiting room for people to read.

72  Some people take them to hospitals and give them to people in the waiting rooms. Many of these folks are hurting and looking for something to give them comfort.

73  Students at high school Christian clubs use the Gospels as a study book for the year when they meet. It's easy to invite new students to join as they don't have the excuse of "no book"!

74  Some pastors have challenged their congregation to give out seven in a week or some other specific number. Some people have challenged themselves to give out one per day for a year!

75  Students in California go out on Sunday with donuts and offer the donuts to people along with the Gospels. They then sit and talk with them.

76  People have them by their door so that they can give one to the person who delivers the pizza!

77  Christians who work at the phone company or cable TV men, keep some with them to give to customers when the situation develops!

78  One person works on an ambulance carries them with him as he comes across many people who need to know about Jesus Christ -- patients, family and friends.

79  One mail order distributor sends a Gospel with each new order and accompanies it with a personal note.

80  One high school student puts one on top of her books when she sets them down in class. Other kids see the Gospel and ask what it is. She tells them it's a really cool little book she's reading. They ask if they can read it too. You know what the answer is! Four students last year accepted Christ because of her faithfulness!

81  MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers  is a great venue to offer the Gospel to a non-believer.

82  Detention centers are a venue where people need God's Word.

83  An X-ray technician at a hospital has them available for patients.

84  A used car dealer puts one in every glove compartment of every car he sells!

85  A radio DJ offers them to people who call in on his radio talk show.

86  One person who is wheelchair bound and sells dolls on line sends a Gospel out with each order -- along with a personal note!

87  A couple who recently got married presented the Gospel message to all their guests, both verbally at the wedding and also with the gift of a League Gospel of John.

88  A college basketball team gives the opposing players a Gospel after their game.

89  One person who drives a lunch truck keeps them with him both for customers and those who are in need. He can give them both food and spiritual food.

90  When one person gets good customer service, she writes a thank you note to the store mentioning the person who served her and includes a Gospel.

91  A motel owner leaves them in a display in his lobby.

92  A police dispatcher in Los Angeles has lots of opportunities to give out God's Word.