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Sharing tips directly from our members

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The best way to learn is by observing how others are doing something that's new to you but familiar to them. If you get the chance to watch a League member in action, learn from the experience by observing how they share the Gospel with others. These tips are ideas we've learned from members.

Our members are amazing! They are so passionate about sharing their faith that they have taught us a thing or two about how to do effective personal evangelism. This page provides some helpful tips to empower your sharing efforts.

Remember that Gospels are most effective when given to someone else in an actual one-to-one encounter. Just leaving Gospels somewhere in the hopes that someone will "discover" it doesn't have the same impact, and may even lead to Gospels being thrown in the trash. Take the time to hand Gospels to someone with a friendly smile and you'll enjoy some great results.

The basics

For the most impact, here are some helpful tips. You'll be amazed how much more effective your sharing becomes if your friend interacts with you.

  • Read the Plan of Salvation aloud with the person you're sharing with.
  • Have them read key verses out loud, rather than you reading them. This helps them build a direct personal connection to Scripture.
  • Guide them through the plan and ask questions, like asking if they have tried some of the ways to reach God that are shown in the diagram.
  • If they are ready to receive Christ, ask them to pray with you. You might choose to read the suggested prayer aloud, having them repeat the words after you, but any prayer of that type will do. What matters is not the exact words used but the attitude of the heart.

Here are a few of the more creative approaches we've heard about sharing Gospels. Use them as idea starters for yourself.

Fast Food restaurants

Many of our members give Gospels away at fast food restaurants. This works inside or at the drive-through window. When receiving your food, give back a Gospel (with a tip if possible) and a cheerful "here, I'll trade you."

One of our members shared a strategy where he asks at the drive-through window if the person behind him is ordering something within a reasonable cost (like $5). If so, he pays for that person's meal and asks the clerk to give them a copy of the Gospel, letting them know that the meal and the Gospel are a free gift from the person who was in front of them.

Leaving a Gospel with your tip

One of the most popular ways of sharing a Gospel is to leave one with your tip. This has led to a number of salvation decisions we've heard about. Make sure you leave a generous tip or it will send the wrong message! As valuable as you know the content is, your recipients won't regard your Gospel book with joy if given in the place of a tip!

With thank you cards

If you like to write thank you notes or cards for above-and-beyond service, why not include a Gospel? This is most effective if you have learned something about the person you're thanking, and if your Gospel cover relates well. For example, if you know that your hotel concierge likes car racing, include one of our motorsports covers with your thank you note.

Outdoor adventure strategy

Some of our members are involved in areas of work where they interact with hikers, fishermen and others going off into the great outdoors. This is a great place to give a Gospel, because these trips often provide hours of "alone" time suitable for reading, and for people to talk about spiritual things as they enjoy God's beautiful creation. We have a special cover especially suited for outdoor enthusiasts.

Car rentals and toll booths

Some of our members work for car rental agencies. As people leave on a trip with their newly rented car, they hand them a Gospel with a friendly smile and and offer to enjoy their trip. Whether on a business trip or vacation, these are great opportunities to give a Gospel because people travelling often have lots of spare time with little to do.

One of our members reported that he works at a toll booth and gives Gospels to people paying their toll. The response has been encouraging, as the free gift provides a sense that people are actually getting something for their money.

At church

You might think that church isn't necessarily a useful place to give out Gospels because so many people are already carrying complete Bibles. You might be surprised. Many people visit a church long before they make a decision for Jesus Christ. These people usually don't have a Bible yet, and may never have read any part of Scripture. Make a point of hanging around in the foyer of your church looking for new faces. Be friendly and ask questions. When you meet someone who doesn't normally come to church, offer a Gospel as a free "welcome to church" gift.