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The benefits of League membership

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The League is a community of believers who are serious about their personal relationship with Christ. As a member, you'll benefit in a number of ways. Membership is free.

  1. Through obedience to the Lord's Great Commandment (see Matthew 22:37) and the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:19,20) you'll experience an exciting, vibrant, and growing Christian life when you begin to live these principles in your own life.
  2. You'll enjoy knowing that you helped others grow in their faith.
  3. You'll experience the excitement that comes from helping to "turn the world upside down" (see Acts 7) because you've made a difference for Christ.
  4. You'll discover that sharing your faith is easier than you ever imagined, and more effective than you may have thought it could be.
  5. You'll have the joy of knowing that the Body of Christ is being built up and multiplied as a result of your efforts.
  6. You'll have access to special resources such as Evangelism Boot Camp, a powerful training program sent by E-mail, and Pocket Devotions, daily devotional messages sent by E-mail.
  7. Members can increase the harvest by sponsoring other members who don't have the financial means to give to cover the cost of their Gospels. This sponsorship program is highly rewarding. Sponsors even receive E-mails showing how their sponsorship is changing lives.

What is membership all about?

When you become a member of The Pocket Testament League, you may order Gospels of John to Read, Carry and Share. With a corresponding donation, you can order as many and as often as you wish. Mix and match our different cover designs to prepare yourself for any sharing situation! You'll also have access to newsletters, stories, tips and other League information to help you share your faith more effectively.

The idea is to dedicate one of your pockets to the Lord, fill it each morning with a Gospel and look for a chance throughout the day to empty that pocket by giving someone the Gospel as a free gift. One Gospel per day, given away. That's it. Soon you'll find that you've developed a lifestyle of personal evangelism.

You become part of a vibrant community

You also benefit from the support you'll find from other members. Certain features on the site, like the ability to share your personal evangelism stories, share prayer requests with other members, and the ability to view the impact of your personal sharing ministry are only available for members. You'll be able to view your order and donation history online at any time.

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Would you like to make a commitment, along with us, to the Lord by making it a goal of your life to Read, Carry, Share® God's Word? Prayerfully consider joining with us as a member of The Pocket Testament League. Membership is free!

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Discover our history

The Pocket Testament League has an incredible history of impacting lives around the world since Helen Cadbury's original vision took hold in 1893. Discover more about the work of the League over the years, in our virtual museum